Wolf Lubricants launches new Renault RN17 FE and RN17 approved formulations

In spite of challenging global conditions, Wolf Lubricants continues to innovate to find the right products for its customers. Today it becomes one of the first independent producers to launch RN17-approved engine oils for Renault vehicles in the market. Created in 2018, the new RN17 standards are a consolidation and review of the RN0700, RN0710 and RN0720 fluid specifications, providing distributors and workshops alike with single, straightforward solutions. It is into this fold that Wolf Lubricants can offer 2 cutting-edge products: 65635 OFFICIALTECH 0W20 C5 RFE (RN17 FE-approved) & 65637 OFFICIALTECH 5W30 C3 RN (RN17 approved). 

At the forefront of lubrication technology
OFFICIALTECH 0W20 C5 RFE is especially formulated for use in the newest Renault diesel engines with DPF which require oil according to the new fuel economy specification RN17 FE of Renault, which is only suitable for engines adapted for lower fuel consumption. Furthermore it can be used in all engines requiring the new ACEA low SAPS specification C5, which has greater fuel economy potential than ACEA C3.

The RN17 specification on the other hand was created for modern turbocharged gasoline direct injection (TGDI) engines and incorporates protection for gasoline particulate filters (GPF) to extend their service life. OFFICIALTECH 5W30 C3 RN has been tested to ensure its oxidation performance, valvetrain wear performance, and level of piston cleanliness meet or exceed RN17 standards. This has been achieved through the use of advanced additives that help to protect the engine’s internal components under increased pressure, temperature, and higher tolerances. Moreover one can use OFFICIALTECH 5W30 C3 RN where RN0700 & RN0710 were previously required, enabling you to service several Dacia and Renault models with this dedicated Renault OEM engine oil.

These latest additions to Wolf Lubricants’ comprehensive range is testament to how closely the brand follows the lubricant market, identifying and fulfilling customers’ needs as they develop.

The new RN17 formulation is an evolution of Wolf Lubricants’ earlier product, 65629 OFFICIALTECH 5W30 C2/C3, which was swiftly created in March 2019 to meet the demands of RN17 before Renault began its official approval process. OFFICIALTECH 5W30 C2/C3 had passed all the tests according to the homologation norms of Renault RN17 and hence ensured that distributors and workshops alike had early access to a product that met RN17 requirements, keeping them competitive. This unique mixed passenger car fleet oil also has the official German OEM approvals: BMW Longlife-04, MB 229.52, VW 505.00/505.01 and meets GM and Fiat specifications.

Developed for a growing market
Wolf Lubricants’ OFFICIALTECH 5W30 C3 RN has been specifically designed to meet Renault’s requirements for a 5W-30 mid SAPS (Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus, and Sulphur) service fill for gasoline and EURO 6 diesel vehicles. OFFICIALTECH 5W30 C3 RN is also suitable for all petrol and diesel Renault engines with DPF brought to the European market since the end of 2018. Moving forward, this segment is set to grow significantly – especially in Western Europe – with Renault’s flagship K9K series engines already numbering more than 10 million units in Europe. This innovative new engine oil is also suitable for many models from other leading OEMs, including Nissan and Dacia.

Ivan Roekens, Research & Development Manager, Wolf Oil Corporation, explained: 
“We are continually working to provide our customers with performance lubricants that achieve or exceed the standards demanded by the automotive industry’s leading OEMs. These latest formulations are just another example of our dedication to developing products for the evolving European market and meeting stringent OEM approvals. Whether it is Renault road vehicles or some of the toughest motorsport series in the world, Wolf Lubricants is a trusted global provider of high-quality engine oils”.

Wolf Lubricants’ RN17 FE and RN17 approved formulations
65635 OFFICIALTECH 0W20 C5 RFE (RN17 FE-approved) is an ultra-low viscosity synthetic engine oil enabling the engine to achieve high fuel-efficiency. This engine oil optimizes both wear protection and engine cleanliness. It will be available from June 2020.

65637 OFFICIALTECH 5W30 C3 RN (RN17 approved), is a synthetic engine oil which guarantees a cleaner and better-performing engine without lowering the oil drain interval. This product will offer particularly significant coverage within the European Union vehicle parc when it too becomes available from June 2020.