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Ana Sayfa NEWS SemiDrive relies on Elektrobit’s EB tresos Studio tool for AUTOSAR software development

SemiDrive relies on Elektrobit’s EB tresos Studio tool for AUTOSAR software development

FacebookTwitterLinkedInShare via EmailPrintElektrobit (EB), a visionary global supplier of embedded and connected software products for the automotive industry, today announced that SemiDrive Technology Ltd.— a China-based semiconductor company focusing on next-generation, high-performance, automotive-grade chip solutions — has selected the EB tresos Studio tool for use in its AUTOSAR-compliant Microcontroller Abstraction Layer (MCAL) development platform.

The solution will make it easier for automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to develop advanced applications for highly automated and connected vehicles using the AUTOSAR-Standard.

EB tresos Studio enables SemiDrive to develop and deliver an MCAL layer that fulfills the requirements of a wide variety of automotive applications across all ECUs. These include advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), as well as infotainment, connectivity including V2X, and autonomous driving domain control. EB tresos Studio can be seamlessly integrated into existing toolchains, allowing development of carmaker- and Tier 1-owned modules by integration of company-specific basic software modules and legacy software components with shortened time-to-market and reduced integration costs.

“Our products are designed to drive our customers innovations and success. We are excited to collaborate with an innovative semiconductor company like SemiDrive to continue working on the development of next-generation automotive initiatives,” said Francis Man, Vice President and Managing Director, Elektrobit in China. “By collaborating with SemiDrive, we bring together our software tools with their forward-thinking hardware to support carmakers and automotive Tier 1s to bring features to market faster and cost-effectively.”

“Elektrobit is a leader in automotive-grade software, and specifically in AUTOSAR based software development,” said Jason Zhang, Chairman of SemiDrive. “Working with Elektrobit ensures our customers have access to high-quality software and microcontrollers for developing advanced automotive features of vehicles.”

The EB tresos product line consists of scalable basic software and tools that enable the development of AUTOSAR standard-compliant software for reliable automotive electronic control units (ECUs) with the highest levels of functional safety up to ASIL D. EB has been a premium AUTOSAR member from its inception, and continues to be a leader in AUTOSAR education and implementation in series production projects and works with industry partners to accelerate next generation automotive development platforms.