New workshops at Automechanika

Practical workshops have been a part of Automechanika Frankfurt for many years. Now, on the occasion of the event’s 25th anniversary, the range of workshops on offer is being expanded yet again with new offerings that include bodywork repair and paintwork, augmented reality, truck competence, diagnostic techniques and digital communication.

2016 Automechanika Frankfurt

 Every day from 11 to 15 September, trade visitors will have an opportunity to take part in a total of 15 workshops free of charge. Registration is now open online, and certificates of participation will be awarded.

 Digitisation and technological developments are presenting automotive workshops with new challenges on a daily basis. In order to keep up, regular training is essential. Automechanika Frankfurt has the solution:

In cooperation with prominent partners, a series of practical workshops have been organised to provide automotive and commercial vehicle professionals with the expertise they need. Participants will even be able to give it a try for themselves. The 15 workshops will be taking place on every day of the trade fair, and most of them will be held in both English and German. In addition to various training courses on collision damage repair, the anniversary event will for the first time be offering courses on such topics as truck competence, classic cars, augmented reality and social media. As Olaf Mußhoff, Director of Automechanika Frankfurt, puts it: “Automechanika Frankfurt is where the industry’s experts get together to find out about the latest trends and innovations and share expertise. This makes the trade fair the ideal venue for professional development.”

 Workshops for bodywork and paintwork

 Today’s vehicles are no longer made solely from a single material. Instead, they are often assembled from a variety of components made of standard steel, high-tensile steel, carbon, magnesium and aluminium. In a series of three-hour workshops on accident repair, a roster of experienced trainers will be bridging the gap between theory and practice in eleven different disciplines, including the latest developments in damage assessment, damage cost calculation and combined joining techniques (bonding, riveting, welding), as well as bodywork, paintwork and the final finish. Furthermore, the Robert Bosch GmbH training workshop (light calibration, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) calibration, electronic fault diagnosis, pass-thru) will provide a detailed overview of the importance of all the ways in which repair damage impacts connected cars.

Among the companies and organisations supporting Messe Frankfurt in organising the bodywork and paintwork workshops are BASF Coatings GmbH / Glasurit, BMW, Carbon, Car-o-Liner, Carsystem – Vosschemie GmbH, DAT, DEKRA, Mirka, Opel Automobile GmbH, Robert Bosch GmbH, Toyota, Wieländer+Schill and the Akademie des Deutschen Kraftfahrzeuggewerbes (TAK).

On 13 September in the Portalhaus, ‘Schadentalk’ (collision talk) will host a discussion of the topics that are currently gripping the market for repairs. This concise format takes themes that are critical to the automotive industry and gets straight to the point, confronting leading industry decision-makers with the everyday challenges faced by workshops. The treatment of this field is complemented by ‘Schadenstrasse’ (Collision Repair Street), which showcases innovative concepts for efficient vehicle repairs offered by workshop equipment providers and damage repair specialists.

Commercial vehicle professionals

Modern trucks and buses boast a wealth of electronic systems that ensure they are not only economical and environmentally friendly, but also safe. Various electronic assistants are already mandated by law, while others have been available as optional extras for quite some time now. The new workshops ‘Radar- and camera-based driver assistance systems in workshop practice’ addresses this situation with a sound overview of individual components. The training includes a manufacturer-independent introduction to the functions of camera- and radar-based driver assistance systems, disruption detection in sensor systems, and finally the independent calibration of driver assistance systems. The workshop is being organised in collaboration with the Krafthand publishing house, the FAS Vehicle Training Centre Schweinfurt and the Vehicular Department of the Chamber of Trades Training Centre in Münster (HBZ). The workshop takes place daily from 10:00 a.m. until noon (12:00 p.m.) in the outdoor exhibition area F 1 and is conducted in German.