MEYLE-HD slotted bushings in installation sleeve for BMW control arms

Defective bushings at the BMW rear control arm usually mean one thing at the workshop: the entire control arm needs to be replaced, which is expensive for the workshop and driver. Hamburg manufacturer MEYLE now offers an economical and eco-friendly solution.

MEYLE has developed a specialised tool to ensure seamless installation and removal of the bushing as well as offer workshops a comprehensive package with the ready-to-install slotted bushings and tool – there’s nothing comparable in the aftermarket1. The bushings are already pre-compressed to installation size and enclosed in an installation sleeve, which ensures optimal insertion of the slotted bushing and thus a perfect fit inside the control arm. A benefit for the workshop: rather than compressing the bushing to size and inserting it into the control arm at the same time, the pre-compressed solution removes one step which can otherwise lead to major application problems and errors.

Another detail makes the pre-compressed bushing especially user-friendly: because the installation sleeve is longer than the bushing, the tool is guided during insertion, preventing the tool from slipping off. Bushings can also be ordered from MEYLE on their own, allowing the tool to be used again at the workshop. With the smart repair kit, MEYLE has created a sustainable service solution for resource-saving, cost-effective repair. The environment benefits too: produced with high energy, the aluminium body of the control arm can be used again, with any waste associated with the use of the repair solution limited to a few rubber and aluminium parts. MEYLE also proves its worth in a weight comparison: at 600 g, the two MEYLE bushings are lighter than the OE control arm, which weighs nearly 4 kg. These benefits have a positive effect throughout the entire value chain: lower costs in production, transport and packaging, in installation and removal, and ultimately less storage space required at the workshop. MEYLE-HD slotted bushings and the installation tool will be showcased at Automechanika Frankfurt 2018 and have also been submitted for the Automechanika Innovation Award 2018.