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HARMAN delivers premium experiences for electric vehicles with suite of industry-first eco-friendly audio innovations

EV Plus+ Solutions overcomes traditional EV barriers to elevate entertainment, communication and cabin comfort experiences without compromises – for the first time.

As the automotive industry enters its greatest period of change in decades, the future of mobility requires technologies that wholly address consumer needs while also prioritizing thoughtful innovation. One significant driver of this change is the shift to electric powertrains as a response to climate change concerns. By 2040, Bloomberg NEF expects over half of all global vehicle sales and over a third of vehicle fleets to be electric.

However, range anxiety continues to be a barrier for electric vehicle adoption, with vehicle charging as one of the main concerns for 83 percent of non-EV owners, according to Cox Automotive. Such concerns have made the inclusion of popular in-car features that require a power draw, including premium audio and entertainment, especially challenging when engineering for an electric vehicle environment. Leveraging efficient acoustic technologies and cloud-based software innovation, EV Plus+ Solutions solves for those challenges with a scalable, low weight, and reduced complexity system architecture that provides double the acoustic power and performance without impacting range when compared to a traditional audio system with comparable performance.

As growth in the EV market continues to accelerate, so does consumer demand for premium, personalized in-cabin experiences from their vehicles. With such a focus on efficiency, EVs often cannot offer the same level of premium in-cabin features available in traditional vehicles. Consumers looking to extend their green lifestyle to their choice of vehicle have to choose between the experiences they want and the eco-consciousness they want to reflect. EV Plus+ Solutions is the first-ever approach that delivers branded audio and personalized experiences on demand in a fully sustainably way designed expressly for electric vehicles.

“At HARMAN, we believe the next-generation of mobility should convert the time you spend in your car into time well spent – and electric vehicles are no exception,” said Bill Wyman, VP of Global Marketing, Lifestyle Automotive. “Environmental concerns are guiding purchase decisions more and more, but the demand for premium experiences hasn’t changed. Through the groundbreaking delivery system of Ecotect that underpins EV Plus+ Solutions, we’re enabling automakers to fulfill these needs for their customers, without compromises, for the very first time.”