A bespoke digital Zine packed with a rich tapestry of stories, beautiful photography, and exclusive video content; Horizon offers an unprecedented view into the conception of the game-changing vehicle. Telling the tales of Ariya’s design in exquisite detail, it charts the beginnings of the design process through the lens of the highly skilled Design teams in Nissan.

Delving into the very heart of Nissan Design Europe, Horizon, ranges from designers and colour managers, to clay moulders and digital modellers. Personal anecdotes shared by these teams uncover their passions, inspirations, and creativity for Ariya, revealing exactly how the very first sketch transformed into a detailed design concept.

Since Ariya’s World Premiere in July, customers across Europe have shown a strong enthusiasm in the car with more than 10,000 people registering their interest. Oslo, London, Helsinki, Paris and Madrid being the top five cities where these people reside.

“Innovation is defined by looking beyond the horizon – exploring the limits of technology and creativity to realise something new and exciting. That is exactly what the design of the Nissan Ariya represents,” said Matthew Weaver, Vice President of Nissan Design Europe.

Revealed across a series of six unique stories, the features offer readers intricate details of how the Ariya design concept was brought to life, from fascinating conversations between leading designers, to design diaries of the craftspeople behind the car, and an exploration into the influence of Japanese artistry. Every story offers a closer look into the teamwork, dedication and passion that helped define Ariya as the new icon of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, and a vehicle that will surpass customer expectations.

Weaver continues: “Ariya is the beginning of a new chapter for Nissan. It represents our distinctive new design language, Timeless Japanese Futurism. This philosophy honours Nissan’s Japanese DNA with exquisite craftsmanship but incorporates a fresh perspective that looks to our vision for a more connected and electrified future.”

“The hard work, dedication and soul the teams at Nissan Design Europe and all over the world poured into Ariya have brought this vision to life. With Horizon, we can share our own experiences of how that vision is being fully realised with Ariya – and what it means to all of us who have been involved in conceiving it. We hope that our story will allow people to fully immerse themselves in a new and thrilling world of electric vehicle design.”