“We are in every part” as Motor Aşin

Motor Aşın General Manager Saim Aşçı

How many times did you participate in the Automechanika Istanbul Fair, one of the most important organizations of the automotive sector, as Motor Aşin?

We have been participating in Automechanika Istanbul for the 8th time. Every 2 years, we reach our customers by presenting our products and presenting our products. Besides, we started to participate every year with our own brand Aspart. This fair is very important for us.

You have been watching and participating in the fair for many years. Can you briefly evaluate where it came from?

First of all, when we look at the company, we see an increasing momentum. We have achieved a significant growth trend. Fairs have a very important impact on this growth. Especially when we look at our exports abroad, we see that we increased our share of 10 percent to 30-35 percent in this way. Besides, the other important thing for us is to have a place where we can serve our customers locally. We’re both dinner events we invite our customers from all over Turkey as well as our new stand we speak of cooperation by hosting them. In this sense, the fair is a very important event for us.

Will there be a special event for Automechanika Istanbul this year?

We have a company dinner organized every year as a fair organization. We will organize this organization in this year. About 400-450 people are invited. We invite each person with a special invitation and come together. In this organization, we have conversations, give gifts, and most importantly we come together and talk about our business.

Do you have a new product in your stand this year?

We attach great importance to the development of our brand Aspart. Aspart brand is a domestic development with 95% of our production. Approximately 3,500 varieties have reached. Our goal is to increase this number to 6,000 by the end of the year. Before joining this fair, this number was about 1,500, but after the exhibition we saw it doubled. In this sense, the events of the fair are encouraging us more and activities that increase our momentum. We feel that the Aspart brand is also strengthening. We are together with many well-known products manufacturers abroad. This enables us to add a different brand to our portfolio every year. We have a beautiful slogan: We are in every part. With this slogan every day, every event and every fair we are trying to progress stronger.