Three surprising facts about electric vehicle ownership

Nissan’s fourth electric vehicle educational video addresses three common myths related to owning an EV.

Electric vehicles (EV) aren’t just for early adopters anymore. With more than one-third of Southeast Asian consumers considering EVs for their next vehicle purchase*, the demand from people in Asia and Oceania to learn about EV ownership is increasing.

To help, the fourth video of Nissan’s EV Education Series addresses three facts to explain the simplicity and advantages of EV ownership:

  • Battery-powered cars reduce spending on fuel and maintenance
  • EVs have the same space as standard cars and can accelerate like one too
  • Owners of EVs are driving sustainably into the future

Tim Jarvis, Australian explorer and environmental scientist, and Naya Ehrlich-Adam, founder of sustainable food business Broccoli Revolution in Thailand, team up to bust some of the common myths around owning electric vehicles.  Through their first-hand experience of the world’s best-selling EV – the Nissan LEAF – they also share surprising facts.

“Our educational video series is aimed at creating better acceptance and adoption of electric vehicles by both individuals and societies in the region,” said Yutaka Sanada, regional senior vice president for Nissan Asia & Oceania. “By sharing the genuine interest of real-world individuals as they learn the ease and benefits of electric vehicles, we aim to debunk current misperceptions as well as inspire audiences for the future.”