Shock  absorbers for European and American vehicles at Kavo Parts

The spare parts specialist for Asian cars extended its range with shock absorbers for European and American cars.

A strange move for an Asian specialist? Not really, according to Peter Bloemberg, Sales & Marketing Director at KAVO. “We started with shock absorbers for Asian cars in 2019. They turned out to be a huge success as there was great demand for high quality shock absorbers for more competitive prices. We managed to close that gap at the right time. Our customers realized they can improve their margin with our shock absorbers, so they started asking for the same price-quality level shock absorbers for European and American cars”.

Apparently Kavo Parts takes the Dutch saying ‘customer is king’ really serious, as the full range is now available at the warehouses in Holland. “Off course this is not something we decided overnight”, Peter Bloemberg explains, “It takes a lot of preparation and we had to open a second warehouse. But we decided to go for it.” Right now more than 600 references are directly available, all with Kavo Parts’ standard 3 year warranty and EAC certification for the Eurasian market.

The answer to the question whether KAVO is going to expand entirely to European and American references is no, unless customers demand this from us or the market requires it. There is still enough need for specialism in the various markets. So for now we keep focussing on our core business, but of course we also reflect on the future considering all market developments.” Peter Bloemberg concludes.