SEAT and Redexis join forces to promote mobility with natural gas

The partnership includes spurring the creation of natural gas refuelling infrastructure.

SEAT and Redexis are going to collaborate to boost sustainable mobility by promoting Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). SEAT President Luca de Meo and Redexis President Fernando Bergasa have signed an agreement whereby both companies will develop the creation of natural gas refuelling facilities and drive sustainable mobility with this alternative fuel. The ceremony was also attended by Redexis general manager Cristina Ávila.

Through this agreement, SEAT is going to share information on the demand for this type of vehicles in order to boost the installation of refuelling points that are accessible to the public in areas considered of major importance. Moreover, Redexis expects to have more than 100 gas filling stations nationwide in the next two years. Natural gas currently contributes to improving air quality in cities, as it is an alternative that features reduced emissions and plays an active role in reaching sustainability goals.

SEAT President Luca de Meo underscored that “Sales of natural gas-powered SEAT vehicles have tripled in Spain in the past three years, which demonstrates the potential of this technology. At this point, promoting the creation of refuelling infrastructure remains a pending challenge in our country and this kind of agreement is the path we must follow in order to democratise the use of natural gas for mobility.”

Redexis President Fernando Bergasa pointed out that “Redexis, as a company which makes an enormous investment effort in energy infrastructure, is firmly committed to natural gas-powered mobility and this agreement adds to SEAT’s commitment to manufacturing natural gas vehicles. Our goal is to continue building and developing the necessary infrastructure in the country to promote alternative fuels that are more sustainable, affordable and environmentally friendly.”

According to registration data in Spain provided by Gasnam, and taking into account the current rate of growth, the potential for natural gas-powered vehicles in Spain could exceed one million cars by 2030. In the framework of this agreement, Redexis will develop the necessary CNG refuelling facilities to meet this demand for road mobility and will incorporate SEAT vehicles that run on natural gas into its fleet, as well as into the fleets of its own partner companies.

SEAT and Redexis aim to replicate and increase the growth model of natural gas which has occurred in Madrid and Barcelona in the rest of Spain by offering the necessary network so that any user can drive all over the country by using natural gas as an inexpensive and ecological fuel.