Nissan introduces the ultimate icon of Intelligent Mobility: your father

To celebrate father’s day in Brazil last Sunday, Nissan proved that Intelligent Mobility is present in our lives from the very beginning.

Nissan has always been committed to innovating and developing advanced technologies to make cars safer, smarter and more enjoyable. This vision is part of Intelligent Mobility, spearheaded in Brazil by the Nissan Kicks.

Long before Kicks went on sale, there has always been a “hero” to protect and guide people on their paths in life: the father figure. To honor Father’s Day in Brazil last weekend, Nissan honored the role fathers have as inspirations in our lives.

Echoing the father’s mission of protecting the family, Nissan offered a series of comparisons between Intelligent Mobility and what a father typically does every day. Nissan Kicks, for example, is equipped with Intelligent Around-View Camera that can – like dad with his wisdom – help see things from a new angle and be aware of obstacles.

For all of this care and protection that fathers provide to their families, Nissan wants to share its sincere congratulations to those who have this important mission in life. Nissan Kicks has much more in common with your father than you might think.