MEYLE tutorial: new video shows how to flush the cooling system in five simple steps

Based in Hamburg, manufacturing company MEYLE has a new tool to help workshops properly flush the cooling system. The tool, which MEYLE offers in collaboration with quality tool partner HAZET, can flush the cooling system using water and compressed air, so there’s no need for aggressive chemicals or cleaners. The all-purpose tool is suitable for five hose diameters (19, 29, 32, 36.5 and 40 mm) and thus many vehicle applications at the workshop.

A new video explains the individual steps for flushing the cooling system, as a dirty cooling system and airlocks reduce cooling capacity and can lead to serious consequences such as pre-damage to the water pump mechanical seal. The cooling system should therefore be properly flushed on a regular basis – when the water pump is replaced at the very latest. In addition, drivers only benefit from the guarantee for MEYLE water pumps if the cooling system is flushed before installation. But regular flushing also helps to ensure a longer service life for the product.

 In the new video tutorial, the Hamburg-based manufacturer explains how to flush the engine’s cooling system in five easy steps. The engine should be cooled down and the coolant drained before cleaning the radiator, engine block and, if possible, the heat exchanger, one after the other. This removes the deposits and particles from the system that can otherwise form over the years and impede system function over the long term. In the final step, the cooling system is filled with new coolant and ventilated, making the system fully functional again.