MEYLE-HD hybrid engine mounts combine high-tech materials for improved quality

The new MEYLE-HD hybrid engine mount combines the extraordinary material properties of polyurethane for durability and Polyelastđ for special comfort for the first time – a real innovation in the aftermarket.

The MEYLE-HD hybrid engine mount creates noticeable added value for workshop customers. The improved quality compared to the OE part and the technically optimised design ensures a longer service life of the safety-relevant parts. The MEYLE-HD part has proven this in over 100,000 test cycles (7 kN / 2 Hz) in the MEYLE test centre: In contrast to the OE engine mount no wear or technical defects could be detected on the MEYLE-HD part. Customers receive a 4-year warranty on the technically optimized MEYLE-HD hybrid engine mount, as on all other MEYLE-HD products.

Due to the permanent load changes in the drive, the engine mount is exposed to heavy loads. Extreme thermal loads, such as fluctuations in ambient and operating temperatures, can also lead to severe wear and premature failure of the engine mount, resulting in strong vibrations and disturbing noise throughout the vehicle. The further development of the MEYLE-HD part has made it possible to increase the longevity of the part many times over, while at the same time maintaining driving comfort and damping performance.

 MEYLE offers a range of 640 different engine mount references for a total of 172 million vehicles worldwide.