Maxim A, the new product of İnci Akü, attracts attention with its superior performance

In Automechanika Istanbul, İnci Akü introduced its new high-performance product, Maxim A, and its renewed product range.

İnci Holding, the pioneer brand of İnci Holding and Japan’s battery giant GS Yuasa Inci Akü, introduced its newest product in the market Maxim A which has high performance, twice long lasting and 20% more starter power in the conventional product range with customers and industry leaders. In addition to renewing its two product families, Start / Stop and conventional vehicle batteries, İnci Akü exhibited its products at the booth prepared for the fair; reflecting its technology leadership, production expertise and innovative approach in Automechanika Istanbul.

40 million TL R&D Investment in 3 years

İnci GS Yuasa Executive Board Director Cihan Elbirlik stated that they allocate approximately 2% of their turnover for R&D activities in the last three years. “As the technology leader of our industry, we continue our investments without slowing down. In the fourth year of our partnership, we aim to realize 50% of the 250 million TL investment in technology investment.”

Elbirlik continued his words as follows: “I am proud to present to you today the new product series of İnci Akü that energizes millions of vehicles around the world with the power of Japanese partnership, new factories, our latest technology and our first day energy. With the aim of being the most reliable manufacturer of our sector with the aim of producing this technology and transferring this technology and developing solutions oriented to the energy storage problem in the world, we are introducing the new fruit of our new product, İnci Akü series and our new product Maxim A. With our more powerful performances and more energetic designs, our new products will be on the shelves.”

Exports to over 80 countries

“At the 34th anniversary of our establishment, we are still trying to be worthy of the title of ‘Energy Specialist of the World 50 with the excitement and enthusiasm of the first day of our organization. we produce solutions to the vehicle technologies of the future as well as today’s fast developing needs. Another Turkey will continue to be the primary address storage, including all the world’s energy. ”