Fersa takes part in two new European projects for the smart industry

DAT4.ZERO and MAS4AI will study new ways for industrial improvement within the Horizon 2020 program of the European Union.

Fersa participates in two new European projects: DAT4.ZERO and MAS4AI. Both are part of the Horizon 2020 program of the European Union, a common framework for the collaboration of companies in the union to improve their competitiveness and manufacturing processes.

The DAT4.ZERO project works for manufacturing with 0 defects through the management of data from production processes such as temperature controls during grinding and waviness in the harmonic rolling surfaces of the profiles that, together with new measuring equipment, will allow collecting information and, through BIGDATA, making intelligent decisions in the process to optimize manufacturing. The project lasts 42 months and we will work, among others, with the Technological Institute of Aragon (ITA) and Ideko.

For its part, the MAS4AI project aims to optimize manufacturing costs, adapting routes, tools, and parameters to the quality of the parts we receive, by incorporating Artificial Intelligence technologies. It proposes an improvement in the planning, increased productivity, and improved logistics management. The project lasts 36 months and we will work with centers such as Tecnalia and Sisteplant.

Fersa Group is immersed in an exhaustive digitization process, where the automation of its production centers and the incorporation of quality controls allow it to collect process information for decision-making in real-time, directly by its machines, optimizing all the fabrication process. In the last 4 years, five new manufacturing lines have been developed in the group’s production plants, where the latest IoT technologies and high levels of automation have been incorporated.

Much of these improvements have been the result of their collaboration with other agents at the international level through collaborative research projects. Examples of this are the Stream-0D projects, also included in the H2020 program of the European Union, and the CIEN FANDANGO project. Stream-0D focused on the incorporation of quality controls for manufacturing with 0 defects while CIEN FANDANGO works with digital twins in manufacturing processes to optimize production cost.