Equip Auto rings the changes

With its technological developments, new legal requirements and higher expectations from society with regard to energy and the environment, the sector of automotive aftersales and services for mobility has been experiencing a period of profound transformation in recent years. In view of this new landscape and to better reflect the market’s challenges, EQUIP AUTO is ringing the changes!

Despite the expectations and support voiced by many stakeholders in the automotive aftersales and mobility services sector, the show’s organisers have concluded that the current uncertain public health and economic conditions are not conducive to the organisation of EQUIP AUTO in 2021. Its next edition will therefore take place in 2022, with the exact dates to be specified in due course. Still maintaining its two-year frequency and its venue of Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, EQUIP AUTO thus adopts a new schedule, in the autumn of even-number years.


This new timeline is part of a more extensive thought process that has been underway since the end of 2019 regarding EQUIP AUTO’S mission and ambition. Indeed, the exhibition’s organisers strongly believe that automobile-related services will guarantee personal mobility and fulfil people’s need to connect with their environment, while also fostering the emergence of new markets and the economic growth of the automotive sector.

EQUIP AUTO has a duty to reinvent itself to remain in step with its ecosystem and continue to grow, while staying true to its DNA.

To both meet this goal and maintain the solid ties with its traditional audience, the show is today entering a new phase by immediately and wholeheartedly embracing the sphere of connected mobility and broadening its market scope to new entrants.

As a result, EQUIP AUTO today vigorously sets out its ambition and stance: to be the international reference event in the EMEA zone for innovation in aftersales and services relating to connected mobility.

By bringing together the wide range of members of the automotive value chain extended to new players, the trade show thus becomes the imperative venue in which the automotive sector can take stock of the changes ahead and make plans to address them.

Deciphering key issues, supporting professionals and facilitating dialogue are all the foundations upon which the show builds to create conditions conducive to the business development of all of

EQUIP AUTO‘s audiences.


To express its new look and commitment, EQUIP AUTO today unveils:

–      A new signature:


–      A new promise reflecting its dynamic and committed ambition:


–     A new graphic identity with powerful symbolism and technology-evoking colour codes to express its cardinal values of innovation? expertise, exchange and conviviality to serve one ambition: connect all the actors and know-how in automotive aftersales to shape, develop and successfully deliver tomorrow’s services for mobility.