As Yiğit Akü, we differ with our experience

Yigit Battery Export Manager Zeki Gündoğdu

First of all, can you start by talking about the recent activities of Yiğit Akü?

As Yiğit Akü, we spent the most productive year in 2018. We have achieved figures above our targets. This year, we have set a new target larger than last year. When we look at the first three months, our sales rates are much better. These results may be based on the rise of Yiğit Akü in the last 3-4 years. When we closed down last year, the data showed that we were the leaders in the sector. We have been a leader in the battery sector for the last three years. 

Could you tell us a bit about your 2019 goals?

We are aiming for 2019 over the past year. But considering the global crisis, a more difficult period is waiting for us than last year. However, we think that we will achieve our goals.


Do you have a new market target when you look at export?

We have exports to over 90 countries. We want to raise our targets. We want to increase the number of our customers by reaching more markets and to carry Yiğit Akü to different locations.

Which products come forward when we look at Yigit Aku?

As Yiğit Akü, we opened 3rd new factory in 2018. At the same time, we have increased the capacity in our automotive factory. Our current production capacity is 7 million pieces. When we look at the Middle East, European countries and African countries, our production capacity brings us the biggest exporter position. As you know, we don’t just export aftermarket. We also export to OEM. This year we came to the fair with a new product. Our new product under the name of Signature Line. We brought this niche product here to promote it to all markets.

Can you tell us the technical details of your new product?

This new product is capable of delivering higher capacity and CCA at OEM level in line with customers’ expectations from normal standard batteries. Yiğit Akü is continuously developing as R & D. We are constantly making new products in our industrial factory. We attach importance to R & D investment in the front frontal batteries to golf batteries. We are currently expanding our range of products in start-stop batteries. We have special start-stop battery production in Far East countries. We aim to expand our existing markets in this way.

What are the differences of Yiğit Akü in general?

As Yiğit Akü we have a very young and dynamic team. We can make production according to customer demands. Of course there are criteria for price, but we have the flexibility share. In production, we have a lot of production capacity from our competitors. Our export experience is more than our competitors. We think that we are in front of our competitors as an experience.