Always One Step Ahead: Wolf Lubricants Unveils New Engine Oil For Volkswagen Group Vehicles

Wolf Lubricants has launched a new engine oil for Volkswagen Group (VAG) vehicles, WOLF OFFICIALTECH 0W30 LL III FE. The new oil has been formulated to meet the requirements of Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda models from 2007 onwards that use VW specification 504.00 and 507.00 engine oils. With more than 61 million VAG vehicles operating in Europe alone, the new oil offers incredible market coverage.

Premium, long-life protection

WOLF OFFICIALTECH 0W30 LL III FE is a fully synthetic lubricant that utilizes high-quality base oils and advanced additives to meet the demands of modern VAG engines. Its unique additive package achieves VAG’s LongLife III requirements, reducing oil ageing and extending the drain interval to 30,000km or two years.

The new lubricant’s low viscosity helps to reduce overall CO¬2 emissions and achieves an important fuel saving over a more conventional 5W30. Its Mid-SAPS formulation meets Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards while providing excellent protection to after-treatment systems, more specifically, diesel particulate filters (DPF). It combines outstanding engine cleanliness and durability, as certified during demanding wear and piston cleanliness tests.

Formulated for leading VAG market coverage

Wolf Lubricants was able to rapidly develop the new lubricant and meet the challenging requirements for both VAG engines and modern European legislation. The new oil launch comes as VAG is beginning to encourage its approved servicing and maintenance network to move from servicing with 5W30 to 0W30, particularly in South and East Europe.

This shift to 0W30 is not only due to the oil’s fuel saving capacity, but also its backwards compatibility. Wolf’s new 0W30 is suitable for many previous VW specifications, including 502.00, 503.00, 503.01, 505.00, 506.00 and 506.01. At launch, WOLF OFFICIALTECH 0W30 LL III FE will be available in most of the standard Wolf Lubricants sizes, including 1L, 5L, 60L and 205L.

Wolf Lubricants produces a range of world-class engine oils and transmission fluids for VAG vehicles. The range currently includes 0W20, 5W30, 5W40 engine oils and a range of expertly formulated transmission fluids for manual, automatic and direct-shift gearboxes  (DSG). The brand also offers a range of brake fluids, coolants, windshield washer fluid and greases that are trusted by workshops and technicians throughout the world.

Johan Van Hove, Senior Technical Manager at Wolf Lubricants, commented: “In the midst of a rapidly changing industry, Wolf Lubricants is continuing to demonstrate its capacity to produce new engine oils that are compatible with large market segments. To simultaneously lower viscosity and extend drain intervals is not easy. With a thinner engine oil you must rely on the quality of your base oil and the right selection of additives to provide the necessary protection. Following thorough testing, we know that our new VAG engine oil is capable of keeping engines clean and protected for extended periods as high as two years.

With demand for VAG-compatible 0W30 engine oils increasing throughout Europe, WOLF OFFICIALTECH 0W30 LL III FE offers workshops a high-quality alternative. It is yet another demonstration of our ability to rapidly develop new lubricants for the ever-changing European and global markets. With broad applications among post-2007 VAG models, the new engine oil shows our dedication to providing the best products to workshops – the same dedication that we show in support of pioneering motorsport competitions like the FIA World Rally Championship.”