40th International Mini Meeting: THE venue for fans of the British original.

A festival weekend characterized by driving fun and individual style awaits visitors to the International Mini Meeting (IMM) 2018 in Portuguese Praia de Mira.

From 17 – 21 May 2018, fans of the traditional British brand from across Europe and beyond will descend upon the seaside resort, which is situated approximately 100 kilometres south of Porto on the Atlantic coast. The International Mini Meeting is celebrating its 40th anniversary and is taking place for the first time in Portugal.

Organizers at Clube Mini de Portugal expect several thousand to attend the anniversary event, most of whom will be arriving in their own vehicles – some in classic Minis, first introduced in 1959, and others in modern MINIs, conquering roads around the world since 2001.

The festival site, situated between a wide stretch of sandy beach and an upstream lagoon, will be abound with live music, sporting competitions, vehicle exhibitions and will also feature a part and accessory market. Further activities at the IMM weekend include group trips to the surrounding area and a convoy drive on the streets around the festival site.

The global and cross-class character of the British compact car original is particularly underlined at the International Mini Meeting. The event is a calendar highlight for the international Mini Club scene. Participants travel hundreds, if not thousands, of kilometres to present their carefully cared for classic Minis or individually styled MINIs to other enthusiasts and to enjoy the unique community experience.

Organizers of the IMM 2018 are dedicating each day of the event to a different classic Mini of historical importance. As well as honouring the Mini Moke, the Mini Clubman and the Mini Van amongst others, two important model anniversaries will also be celebrated at Praia de Mira.

The Mini Cooper S was introduced to the market by the British producer 55 years ago. Thanks to a more than two-fold increase in capacity to 70 hp, this model became the most powerful variant of the classic Mini. An improved braking system with servo assistance ensured that, similar to the sprinting power, the retardancy was also increased. The Mini Cooper S laid the foundation for a legendary motor sporting career culminating in three total wins at the Monte Carlo Rally.

25 years have passed since the premiere of the Mini Convertible. The production of an open-air variant of the classic Mini can be traced back to an initiative led by the German manufacturer, which presented the body reconstruction in 1991. Those responsible for MINI at the time in the Rover Headquarters were so impressed with the concept that they decided to build a series vehicle at the British plant in Longbridge. In the summer of 1993 the first vehicles were delivered to sun loving fans of the classic Mini.